Wednesday, 25 March 2009

A New Beginning
At the suggestion of Leo Hartas, I'm moving the news part of the Tefr site into this blog format. Partly because it will be easier to update, and partly to make it a bit more insightful. By that I mean that I will be talking more about the process of developing Tefr.

As things stand, Tefr is still very much a work in progress. Yes, the Gamebook is written, as is the Knowledge is Power book, bar a number of illustrations. The main issue is creating a format for publishing the scenarios and finding the time to work on them further. It is really important to me to try to put across the narrative element involved in playing Tefr. Finding a formula that gives Game-masters a narrative structure, whilst still providing freedom for characters, and is simple enough to just pick up and play is a difficult task; one which had stalled the publishing of the first few scenarios.

Again at Leo's suggestion, I will shortly be publishing prototype versions of the Knowledge is Power Book as well as the first few scenarios, in their raw form. This will, hopefully allow for some much needed feedback as well as further play-testing.  

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