Sunday, 27 February 2011

The Website is Afoot!

Tefr has been given a good metaphorical boot up the backside and the brand new website has been wound up and set running. There are still a few elements to put in, but Tefr is an on-going project so it will be updated as new elements become available.

Now the website is up and running properly, Tefr needs to move onto the exciting stage of letting people Beta test the books themselves. After a frustrating time trying to get Lulu to keep download statistics for free ebooks, I finally threw in the towel, dusted off my knowledge of flash and implemented a simple download form for both the Prelude to Rhapsody, and Knowledge is Power ebooks, please feel free to download your free copies.

 Editing of the Prelude to Rhapsody book is now roughly halfway through; the copy available reflects this, so please forgive the typos in the second half. I'm also pushing on with the short narratives that will front up each chapter, and I'll put those up on the blog as they are written. The Knowledge is Power book still remains unedited, mostly unillustrated, and more importantly, a single volume. Once the Prelude edits are complete I will move in with my red pen, but feedback at this stage is very much appreciated (please note, I've done an MA since writing it and my spelling has improved a little).

Tefr is not intended to be simply a vehicle for myself, I'm actively looking for new writers who are interested in becoming involved at this early stage. Writers who can see past a mere game system and come up with well written, narrative based scenarios/campaigns that work within the Tefr paradigm. Please get in touch if this is something that you are interested in.