Sunday, 5 April 2009

Prelude to Rhapsody

I've taken the plunge now; re-edited what was previously known as the Tefr Gamebook, and taken out all references to game masters, and game, replacing these with narrators and story. This is a very deliberate move to distance Tefr from the raft of fantasy game products which are available out there; most of which are simply that: games, like a kind of fantasy monopoly set. I'm not criticising these products, but Tefr is not the same, even if it once had the same origins. 
What I have now made available through Lulu is the basic manual to start a group-narrative, with the slightly pretentious title of Prelude to Rhapsody, but one that fits what the book is about perfectly.

I have also been considering trying to update the Knowledge is Power book in the same way and making it available to new Tefr narrators; however, I'm still painfully aware that this book is not really ready for publication; I may yet decide to split it into two volumes and expand the guidance for writing narrative scenarios.